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French Catalan Christophe Goze was born and raised in the chic and alluring capital of Paris. From a young age, he was immersed in music, fuelled by his father's passion for the art. Coming from a family of professional classical musicians—his father and grandfather were both music teachers—Christophe had no choice but to start his musical education early. He began learning piano at age four and guitar at nine, demonstrating his innate musical ability.

Christophe's connection to Spanish music is integral to his creativity, influencing his guitar playing from the start. This influence is evident on his album "Show Me the Way."

Primarily an acoustic guitar musician, Christophe cites influences like David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Pat Metheny, Al Di Meola, and various blues guitarists.

To paint a picture of Christophe's colorful background and his entry into professional music, he began by attending CIM, a prestigious jazz school in Paris, where he studied guitar and harmony full-time for two years. During this period, he started session work as a guitarist and was signed to Polydor France within a year by A&R Philippe Cohen Solal, now behind Gotan Project.

In 1989, Christophe visited Japan & ended up living there for seven years. He quickly secured a publishing deal with EMI/Virgin Publishing and recorded his first album at Real World Studios in the UK, where he met Peter Gabriel, a significant influence on him.

This debut album in Japan did well, opening doors for session work and TV commercial composing for clients like McDonald's, Shiseido, Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. In 1994, he signed a new record deal with Nippon Columbia, releasing two more albums.

In Japan, Christophe also developed his reputation as a world musician, performing live weekly in Tokyo with various world musicians, incorporating instruments like the shakuhachi, koto, Chinese flute, and African percussion into his lounge music.

Christophe returned to Europe in 1996, moving to the UK to explore new musical directions. During his time there, he recorded the ambient jazz album "Secret Garden," which was released in Japan by Nippon Columbia in 1999.

He also produced the track "Sirocco," which soon became his biggest success. This hit opened doors to numerous opportunities and helped establish his reputation as a world fusion artist on a global scale.

"The orient and occident have always been connected , influencing each others since the beginning of times. Exposing and the mixing of music, cultures, people and even religions is positive for building a better world. Through music, I'm trying to build a bridge between the people and culture of west and east and participate to the development of a tomorrow world as this is what I believes to be the job of today artists" says Christophe.

By 2000, Christophe was established in the British TV industry as "Mr. World Music," producing library music albums for Cavendish, Boosey & Hawkes, BMG in the UK, and ABACO in the US. He also composed music for the Lynx TV advert, earning a nomination for Best TV Commercial Music at the 2001 British TV and Cinema Advertising Awards. His music began appearing in many TV shows , films  and documentaries.

In 2004, Christophe moved to Sweden, and in 2008, he returned to London before relocating to Paris in 2010. In 2013, he finally settled back to his Catalan roots, where he now lives and has established his studio and production.

In 2020, during a visit to Morocco, the COVID-19 pandemic took him by surprise, and he found himself stranded due to border closures. Embracing his usual adaptability, Christophe decided to make the best of the situation. He spent two years in Morocco, building a small mobile recording studio and producing the "Soul to Soul" album.

"I had traveled to Morocco to marry a wonderful Moroccan woman I had met in Spain. Having produced many oriental tracks without ever setting foot in North Africa, this was an interesting twist in my life. Rather than resist the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the surrounding restrictions, I chose to embrace the opportunity to learn about a new culture—my wife’s culture. I immersed myself in the experience, connecting my deep-seated musical inspirations to my reality" Says Christophe

After 20 years in television and media, he decided to focus on his own label and productions, developing his jazz sound together with world / oriental music. This led to numerous releases, including the albums "Reminiscence" and "Soul to Soul," which helped him gain recognition in the smooth jazz world, reaching charts in the USA and earning a 2022 Best Jazz Single award and a nomination in the All About Jazz Best 200 Jazz Guitarist poll.

To date, Christophe has lived in six countries, worked on every continent, released 16 albums and 34 singles, blending world, jazz, and lounge elements with true passion. His work has appeared on 400 compilations, including Café del Mar, Ministry of Sound, Bar de Lune, Jazz FM Records, and Buddha Bar. He has undertaken countless projects and collaborations and continues to write for documentaries, films, and video games in the UK and the US. Christophe has produced over 300 tracks for TV and media, featured in numerous programs and films worldwide. He prides himself on his versatility and avoids getting stuck in one musical activity.

What sets Christophe Goze apart is his experimentation and the way his travels and experiences influence his style. With an open mind and heart, he is always ready for the next challenge, constantly seeking new inspiration while staying true to his roots and his passion for music.

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