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World Forum of Intercultural Dialogue


Baku, Azerbaijan

In 2013, I received a call from the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture inviting me to compose a 16-minute piece for the closing ceremony of the UNESCO event, the World Forum of Intercultural Dialogue. The challenge was to create a track that incorporated as many world music influences as possible. Ultimately, I combined instruments and styles from 42 countries into a single piece.

This project was quite demanding and took me a month of work, along with the help of several musician friends. Mathieu Rabate contributed on percussion, Frederic Langlais on accordion and bandoneon, and Roberto Briot on bass. I played guitars, oud, saz, various world flutes, and percussion, while the rest was crafted using elements from sample libraries.

The final recording consisted of over 100 tracks, divided into four different sections. To bring it all together, I enlisted Bruno Milonas, who has experience mixing large-scale projects for Jean Michel Jarre.

The track, titled TIME (Trans Intercultural Music Experience), is now available in the store and on all platforms.

World Forum of Intercultural Dialogue
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