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Meeting Peter Gabriel


Box, UK

In September 1991, while recording my first album "Silent Voices," I had the incredible opportunity to work at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios. I arrived late at night, and one of the first people I encountered was Peter Gabriel himself. He emerged from the studio kitchen with a warm smile, greeted me with a friendly "Hi, I'm Peter."

The next morning, as I headed to the studio lounge for breakfast, Peter saw me and invited me to join his table, where he was sitting with Daniel Lanois and Laurie Anderson. He asked if I preferred tea or coffee and kindly stood up to make me a coffee.

Throughout the week, I had several encounters with Daniel Lanois in the studio yard . Peter was always in the studio working :). On one occasion, he even complimented my guitar playing. One day, he invited me to the studio to listen to Peter's work. Inside, Peter was recording synth parts for the song "Come Talk to Me." After finishing, he turned to me and asked, "How do you like it?" I replied with a smile, "I will buy the album." Peter turned to Lanois and joked, "Great ... we sold one!" We all shared a laugh.

That week was unforgettable. I learned so much, not only about music but also about humility and kindness. It became clear to me that your music will never be more or less than you are a human being.

Meeting Peter Gabriel
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