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Written, Arranged & produced by Christophe Goze
Dreams & Promises written by Christophe Goze & Cathy Battistessa
Coeur Grenadine written by Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy
She Said & Take me Home written by Christophe Goze & Odis Palmer
Traces De Toi written by Alain Chamfort
Ce Que Tu Veux written by Christophe Goze & Xavier Demay

Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drums & Grooving things by Christophe Goze
Hero vocals by Cathy Battistessa & Christophe Goze - Dreams & Promises vocals by Cathy Battistessa
She Said, Take Me Home & Hold Me Now vocals by Odis Palmer
All other vocals by Christophe Goze

Other musicians who participated in the making of this album:
Bass by Roberto Briot
Drums by Laurent Faucheux & Matthieu Rabate
Accordina by Frederic Langlais
Backing Vocals by Skeb
Recorded and mixed by Christophe Goze at Earth Studio
Art work photo by Javier Pardina
2022 Anything Goze. Published by Goze Ltd


On a day when our world is racing around us, and we feel perhaps too much in control of our own time, overwhelmed and stressed, we need to take an hour to slow down and recharge. “Slow” may prove just the pace-changer you need.

‘Slow’ from producer and guitarist Christophe Goze is a selection of fourteen of his best slow vocal tracks and soulful melodies. Featuring the voices of Odis Palmer & Cathy Battistessa it is a collection that follows hot on the heels of Christophe’s  ‘Soul To Soul’ which I previously described as a fine example of everything Goze does best, blending contemporary jazz with ambient and world vibes.

‘Slow’ is music with which to calm the soul in a world that often seems to be going too fast.  As such is to be complimented. (Smooth Jazz Therapy)

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