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Released January 6, 2001

This is the encounter between Classical Indian Musician Ravi Prasad & Myself. Back in 2000 Ravi Prasad record label gave me access to some of Ravi′s recording and gave me total freedom to do whatever I wanted with it. I re created totally new original tracks based on Ravi′s melodies or riffs. The result is a fresh Indian fusion lounge and groovy album featuring the now classic track ¨Indian Gipsy¨ that featured on Buddha Bar 3 album and many others project around the world


Written by Ravi Prasad & Christophe Goze
Arranged & produced by Christophe Goze
Performed by Ravi Prasad & Christophe Goze
Copyright 2001 Ravi Prasad / Goze Limited

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