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Released April 11, 2011


Written, Performed and Produced by Christophe Goze – Recorded & mixed at Earth Studio.
“Chill the blues” Written by Christophe Goze & Roberto Briot, “Moonlight” from Claude Debussy. ¨Clair de Lune¨, “The swan” from Camille Saint Saens. “Le signe”, “Promenade with Satie” from Erik Satie. ¨1st Piano Gymnopedie”, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Grooving things by Christophe Goze, Double Bass by Roberto Briot, Clarinette solo by Ari Zaghar, Child voice by Dan Savoum, Futujara Flute & Reeds by Vladiswar Nadishana, Chinese Violin (Ehru) by Shu Hong Huang, Duduk by Ari Zaghar. Featuring Marc Antoine (Guitar) on “At the end of the street”. Recorded & Mixed by Christophe Goze at Earth Studio (Paris).
Mastered by Antoine Jacquot at Logodio / Jak’s home (Versailles).
Published by Goze Limited
P+C Anything Goze / Goze Ltd

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