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Released September 17, 2022


T.I.M.E "Trans Intercontinental Music Experience"

I was asked to produced a track for the UNESCO event "World Forum of Intercultural Dialogue"

My brief was to produce a 15 minutes tracks featuring as many instruments from as many countries as possible mixing & performing together.

I have always tried to mix east & west sounds and thru music tried to built a bridge between cultures & even religions.

This project was from far my biggest chalenge in doing that

The final track features over one hundred instruments & vocals from a total of 42 countries. From east to West , all mixing together to demonstrate how easily cultures and music can merge together

A Chinese violin playing with African percussions or an Indian flute mixing with Spanish guitars and Japanese drums

Dive into the full "Trans Intercultural Music Experience" close your eyes & travel around the world in 15 minutes

For an easier experience, I also present each of the 4 separate parts


Written performed & produced by Christophe Goze
Guitars, Keyboards, Oud, Perc & grooving things by Christophe Goze
Percussions by Matthieu Rabate
Bass by Roberto Briot
Accordion by Frederic Langlais

Recorded by Christophe Goze @ Earth Studio
Mixed by Bruno Milonas

Published by Goze Music
P&C Goze 2022

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