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Released January 10, 2002

Radar is Francis Peyrat and Christophe Goze both French but based in London and both fully immersed in the North African scene. Peyrat was the man behind the first Arabesque album before going on to compile Arabica, Africanise and Latinize among others. Goze is a producer & guitarist who specialises in World fusion & Jazzy Lounge. His guitar drifts in and out of many tracks giving the album an overall Mediterranean feel. Both add the strong Arabic overtones of wailing vocals, flute and trance-like percussion to tracks such as ‘Arabiant’ and ‘Running Away’. Standout tracks include a highly evocative, down-tempo version of Ya Rayah’ and the funky Arabic house beats of Yep Yep.


Written, Performed and Produced by Christophe Goze & Francis Peyrat.

Recorded & mixed at Earth Studio.

2002 Goze Limited

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